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Pregnancy Tests, Very Low Cost

"I've spent so much money on pregnancy tests I should own stock in the company." - women everywhere

Unfortunately I think that statement is pretty true for a lot of women who are trying to conceive. It's no surprise when you go to the store, even a discount store, and see 2 pregnancy tests for $15. WHAT? At the rate I like to test I could easily spend $100 a month on this! The anxious moments of waiting for a positive result should not be clouded with anger over my busted bank account.

I immediately went scouring the net for great sources of low cost pregnancy tests. Luckily I found a few. I usually buy in lots of $20 (for $20 or less) which makes my average about $1 each. That's more like it. But I don't just go out and get any old crap. Conveniently, my father is a doctor and I've checked with him and with his medical office. All agree that the test strips I'm buying on the net are the same ones they use at the clinic (but you pay big money for that visit). 

I like this site for cheap pregnancy tests.

How do Pregnancy Tests Work?

Pregnancy tests identify a special hormone in the blood or urine produced during pregnancy. This hormone is called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), often referred to as the pregnancy hormone. There are two basic types of pregnancy tests, blood and urine.

Home pregnancy test are primarily urine tests. These are easy to use, private and inexpensive. Most are quick and very accurate, claiming a 99% accuracy rate. Tests can be purchased at drug and discount stores without a prescription. False positives are very rare, but a false negative is possible if the test is done too early for sufficient quantities of HCG in your urine. False negatives can be avoided by waiting until your period is due, or about 2 weeks after you ovulate. Confirming a negative result with a second test a few days or a week later is wise. Always follow a positive result with a trip to your doctor for confirmation and prenatal care.

Medicines containing HCG can cause a false positive on your home test, but most over-the-counter and prescription drugs will not affect test results.

Blood test results may take a few hours or a day, and usually require a trip to the doctor or lab. There are two types of blood tests for pregnancy. The first, a qualitative HCG blood test, provides simple positive or negative results, similar to a urine test. This test is slightly less accurate than the quantitative blood test (or beta HCG test) which measures the exact amount of HCG in the blood. The beta test's ability to pick up small traces of HCG in the blood increase its accuracy.

Whichever type of test you choose, it is important to remember that a follow-up trip to the doctor is important for you and your new baby.

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Need more information? Do a search on google for low cost pregnancy tests, cheap pregnancy tests, pregnancy tests and also search on ebay for lower cost tests.

I have also used to get ovulation test strips. These things are really wonderful. If you're like me and your cycle is very irregular, it will help to pinpoint when you're ovulating. That can shave a lot of time off your efforts to conceive.