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Whether you're trying to conceive or are pregnant now, this site will point you to tons of resources to educate you about everything related to getting pregnant, being pregnant, your body's fertility and what's going on with your baby. No matter what stage of the process you're in, this site can help.

The best way to get pregnant fast is to be aware of your body and informed about the process of conception. The more you know about what's really going on, the better your chances of getting pregnant quickly.

This site was built it so I could keep track of the many pregnancy and fertility related resources I found during my struggle to conceive a baby three years ago. I have so many scattered bookmarks and links that I just had to get them all together. It occured to me that other moms and wanna be moms might find these resources equally helpful so I've gather them all here, along with various discussions about baby creation.

This is a fun site, designed to inform and educate you, and maybe even give you hope and peace in your quest for that perfect little bundle in your arms. Trying to conceive can be frustrating, being pregnant can be stressful, but if you're well educated you can reduce your stress level and enjoy the peace that comes with knowledge.

These resources are just as valuable to those on the qwest for 2nd, 3rd and 4th babies as they are for first time moms.

The most important thing is to keep the faith.

You must know in your heart that you have a chance every month of seeing that positive pregnancy test. It can be so discouraging when you don't see it, but each and every month is another chance. And every day you'll be learning new things to give you a sense of control in this process.

While many women do have genuine infertility problems, many others are simply suffering from a lack of education about the process. We are living under a lot of rumors and half-truths that don't get us pregnant, if anything they just get us very frustrated. It took us 17 months to conceive our first child, but I only count the last 5 because the first ENTIRE YEAR of our attempts were done with such poor information about how my body fuctions that we didn't stand a chance of conception. It wasn't until I learned about my own body and how the entire process really works for me that we actually had any real chance. And then 5 months later I got that blessed POSITIVE pregnancy test.

You can do it. Armed with the right information you will finally have a chance at that baby you so badly desire.

Already pregnant? Congratulations! There are tons of resources here for you about your baby's development. Pictures, week by week updates, health information, almost everything you'd ever want to know.

This site is a constant work in progress. Keep coming back to find new educational articles and tips to help you in your baby quest. Good luck and have fun!

Sincerely, Editor